martedì 18 agosto 2009


It seems like there will be some action and fun in September in Bologna!
There have been much criticism goin' on regarding this festival, mostly because the promoters have decided to charge a lil' bit the merch tables; this is due to the fact that there are about 30 bands, 5 of them coming from outside Italy, and to pay them all (and don't forget, to avoid a higher door ticket) you need some extra money.
The thing that really makes me sick is that most of these criticisms are running thru the web via anonymous users, using very small doses of respect for people who is working hard to realize something cool and on a higher level.
The funny aspect of this all, is that most of these people have no clue of what's goin' on in the rest of Europe; they are still connected to this naive idea that we can (no sorry, that WE HAVE TO) live without money, that bands need no money to tour and that
"if you don't want to rip off the kids (as if someone was ripping off the kids anyway...) just make no huge fests as this one..."
(so they mean that it's better having no shows at all,
or very bad ones, than better shows with some more money effort...).
I think this wrong idea is due to the '80s and '90s anarcho punk mentality, for which do it yourself=very bad organization, with a very low profile goin' on...
If you don't agree with the tools the organizers are using and the decisions they are taking, just don't go to the show; if you want your criticism to have some effect, dial directly with the people behind the fest.
Or else, Make your own thing. Do it yourself. Do It Your way.
But no.
This people has to spit some venom thru the web because they have nothing to do, they are just a bunch of poor frustrated bastards that never released anything in their life, and they're so fucking envious that they want to destroy other people's work with their anonymous chat-shit-talking.

Fuck them all and their useless small ego trip.

I want to leave this post with a SCHOLASTIC DETH song called

"Rock Together"
all the bands, all the kids - everyone i've ever met
all the work, all the sweat - i'll never fucking regret
young till i die - these days, i'll never forget

i may not even know your name - but i respect you all the same
cuz no matter what, in the end - punk is just a network of friends

so we can ROCK TOGETHER.

show a lil' more of respect, dudes.

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