sabato 8 agosto 2009

THE DUEL "childish behaviour" 2Xcd

Hey Tara has been so cool to send me this double cd of her band; i had never heard of them since I don't listen much punk rock (except for the classix, obviously), but i have to admit this one rocks! This is some late 70's kind of punk rock with female vocals, very snotty yet still melodic. The first cd contains 14 songs of electric stuff, while the second one has got mostly acoustic songs.
A rock'n'roll feel over all the release, not my usual cup of tea but they are very dedicated people and they deserve much respect and support. Contact them!
(note: here i've uploaded only the first of 2 cd's; i wrote Tara asking her if it was ok but got no reply. Putting here only half of the release will be helpful to spread their name/music without much damage to the band. At least I hope so.)



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