lunedì 3 agosto 2009

Yeah, I'm back.

Well, actually I'm not the most enthusiastic dude in the world.
After 2 weeks on tour, after having met som many good people, after having seen so fuckin' good go back to the daily life it's pretty much a pain in the ass, as usual...

I have to find a new way to pay my rent, because I'm having too much of this so fucked up educator job I do.
C'mon, I'm an EDUCATOR!
All the people that know me can easily say this is impossible...or at least, that I'm burning out myself with all this crap.

Ok, so let's say that for all the bands waiting their demo to be reviewed, just have a lil' bit more of patience, I'm gonna keep the promise one way or another as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, this is my top-something list:

GORGOROTH ad majorem sathanas gloriam
ESCAPE TO DEATH (fin) demo + live
RATOS DE PORAO live @ Puntala Rock
LOBOTOMIA live @ Puntala and in Oslo
DODSANGEL helgrind demo
DISKONTO live in Uppsala
NAPALM DEATH from enslavement to obliteration
PANTERA vulgar videos from hell dvd
NAPALM DEATH live bootleg 7"
DARKTHRONE dark thrones and black flags
NAPALM DEATH side b of Scum

+death before work+

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